Just Breathe.

This isn't for you. -- This is my story as I live it.

To my future self. 92 days of being unemployed haven’t killed me. They’ve made me a better person. I’ve found plenty to do and recently discovered once I find another job. How will I fit in all the stuff I enjoy doing now that I’m out of work. Ok, there isn’t much. But still, if the opportunity arises, I do not mind spending time with my cousin, or grandma or whatever random friend happens to want to hangout. Really, it has been quite simple. 

Today I took part in my first group interview. (not to be mistaken as a panel interview.) Let me explain the group, first meet Miranda (who when she introduced herself she actually paused because she had forgotten her name.*) She works in real estate and had the most adorable red shoes on. Next meet Lindsay the stylish girl who works in escrow and who is the bottom of a 4 piece totem pole. Then meet “trish” (calling her that because i don’t remember her name. Person who was interviewing us took us the long way into the warehouse that was covered in Pipe and Drape. Odd yes. But we all took seats at the table and she said she would be giving a basic skill test** We took the test and interviewer returned with applications. When she got back she started the interview. The Interview was 4 questions. Each person would start with a question and each person would also be the last answer. Awkward. Yes. Very. Awkward. I do not know how I did. I feel that I would hire me. I have experience in the DJ business, I Know what it is like to work for a family owned business, and I Felt like i clicked with the interviewer. 

First question - I don’t quite remember what it was, but i felt like the girl in the Miss Teen USA pageant who said “Such as, and therefore, and maps” too much. 

Second question was easy, what was the funnest job you’ve ever had. I told them i was lucky and each of my last jobs were amazing and I had fun at all of them. 

3rd and Fourth question, not sure. But i know one was about Creativity and detail oriented. I busted out a project example from my portfolio. Yes, I was that person I showed up with a portfolio of my work. 

I asked plenty of questions about the work, The interviewer even asked me more in depth questions about my skills.

Here are some things that also was said in the interview, not by me.

Lindsay used a lot of her weaknesses, as in she misses details and she has screwed up. It was also odd to hear. 

Miranda “I work well with all ethnic groups, i’m good at understanding spanglish, and broken chinese.” 

Trish “I work well with people of all races.”

At each point i had to sit there and not say something. like ouch don’t say that. That’s a shh.. why would you say you work well with all races? It was weird, and it didn’t even fit in the answer. 

I’ll know tomorrow if I get a follow up interview from this company, which would take place wed or thurs and with the owner / president of the company. 

I hope I make it. 

*Miranda, You don’t your name? it recently changed? thats awkward, i don’t get it, are you a felon? I’m now going to be watching out for you on 10 most wanted.

** On my application i said i could use access, I get it its a database system. I was terrified we’d be tested on it. Oh no it was like 4th grade math, and take two numbers and see if they are the same for example 10+30-20 and 10+10. Did I mention they gave us calculators?